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ZEST ENGINEERING has established a strong tradition of excellence in the quality of our products and services, and a reputation for technical innovation and excellence.We, at ZEST ENGINEERING  intend to embody the values of adventure, commitment and integrity in our company, our employees and our products. By focusing on these core values, we will gain a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in our work. We recognize that we already possess the qualities of creativity, dedication and sincerity.It is our sincere endeavor to continue to design and manufacture a range of state of the art instrumentation and automation products which will exceed expectations and provide the customer with efficient and cost effective solutions to every process measurement and control application


ZEST  believes it is important  that everyone in the company team understand and support the company aspirations, and that there is clarity and transparency in the company’s policy, strategy and actions, in order that the decisions made each day can be tested to ensure they support this vision. ZEST Itself will measure every key area embraced within its vision.


Customers must remain at the most important of ZEST ENGINEERING business. The company has pioneered partnering and believes that long-term, trusting and even-handed relationships with customers should be its main focus. "ZEST "has the resources, ingenuity and skills to delight its customers, and to exceed both, their requirements and their expectations. "ZEST" is committed to providing services nationally and internationally to its customers. The whole business will continually and objectively measure customer satisfaction and ensure that it meets it’s aspirations.


The resources with which ZEST will deliver its aspirations are its people.  ZEST ENGINEERING has a loyal and dedicated workforce and is committed to their health, safety, welfare, career fulfillment and job satisfaction. The company will undertake annual appraisals of individual members and deliver the training needed to ensure each reaches their full potential. ZEST will promote a harmonious team in terms of working culture, acting with integrity, giving recognition and rewarding on merit and being fair to all. Everyone will be expected to proactively seek continuous improvement in performance with enthusiasm, effort, self motivation and passion – with the intent of being the best. ZEST  will regularly consult its people to ensure that this crucial aspect is being achieved