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Inline Rotameter


Zest Engineering is the household name in the realm of manufacturing Inline Rotameter. Our relentless striving  for strictly observing the industrial standards has made us one of the leading Rotameter manufacturers in India. Inline rotameter works on the principle of the variable area that measures volumetric flow of liquids and gases.


Working Principle


Inline Rotameter manufactured by Zest works on the most efficient working methodology to measure the flow. It measures the flow via freely moving float that finds equilibrium in a tapered tube. After which comes the turn of measuring the flow rate which is accomplished either via a scale next to the tube or a scale on the tube.

All fine-tuned processes of production and associated services make us the best Rotameter manufacturer in India. It weighs 0.4 kg. It can endure pressure up to 1.0MPa to 5kg/cm2. It is simple and structure and easy to operate. It can withhold temperature up to 70 degree Celsius.

Zest Engineering is the best airflow meter supplier in India in the crowded landscape of flow meter; we provide critical instruments and pieces of types of equipment that is essential for the smooth working of industries and utility services.


Our produced Inline Rotameter is light in weight and easy to handle. It comes handy in the application based on gases, corrosive liquid and water. It has great efficiency and efficacy in handling liquid and gas. So, we - leading air flow meter supplier, invite you to pick our product and reap enduring benefits.


Specifications Of Acrylic Body Rotameter

·       Ability to handle liquid, gas

·       Weight : 0. 4kg

·       Pressure : 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa

·       Simple in structure and operation

·       Size : 1â to 4â

·       Meter Body Float : MS Powder coated/SS.

·       Wetted Part : SS316, MS, PTFE, PVC or PVC

·       Scale Length : 175 to 225mm

·       Temp Max : Up to 250 degree 10.Connection - Flange or Threaded

·       Accuracy : +2% on Full scale 12.

·       Repeatability : 0.5%

·       Connection : Flange or Threaded