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Ultrasonic Inline Flow meter

Ultrasonic In line

Zest, a trustable name in the water equipment industry, we provide our clients a wide range of flow meters including, electromagnetic flow meter, oil flow meter, turbine flow meter and many more. Zest’s products are designed with advance technology and made of best raw materials. In this technology, signal is transmitted and received alternatively between 2 flow sensors. For both commercial and domestic water measurement, these ultrasonic flow meters are used in various industries.  Durable and wide measurement range helps to measure high rate water consumption. The best part is that you can even monitor systems for water consumption.

Zest guarantees high accuracy ultrasonic flow meters with compact designing and top notch working efficiency. Easy to install, ultrasonic flow meters are widely used for drinking water pipelines. The added advantage of Zest’s high accuracy ultrasonic flow meters that there are no moving parts and no filtration is required during usage. We sell our clients reliable and efficient products having capability to work in extreme environment.  Most commonly used in oil, gas, water, power and chemical industries. If you are looking for long- lasting and supreme quality products then Zest ultrasonic in line flow meter is best among the leading water flow meters.

Working Principle

Zest ultrasonic portable flow meters are based on transit time principle. This measuring technique is efficient in providing accurate, non-invasive fluid velocity assessment without even opening the pipe.  With the rechargeable battery and high accuracy level, these portable flow meters are light in weight and durable in performance. The best feature of these flow meters: you can download data on your computers using the built-in data logger.

This ultrasonic portable handheld flowmeter works by utilizing two piezoelectric crystals which are there in the one transducer which then transmits ultrasonic energy into the fluid stream and receives back energy reflected off discontinuities, suspended particles or entrained gases within the moving liquids. Zest is one of the best ultrasonic portable flow meter manufacturers in India. These handy flow meters are cost-effective and versatile with the assurance of high performance and efficiency.  Our ultrasonic flow meters are compact and are suitable for all commonly used pipe materials.

As one of the leading ultrasonic portable flow meter manufacturers in India Zest ensures excellent quality products that are easy to operate and works efficiently. So, if you are looking for high-end flow meters, then Zest is the best option. These portable flow meters are also used in Sewage treatment plants, oil industry, and beverage industry